The Electric City Pittie Committee's 2nd Annual Art Auction

May 12th, 6:30pm at Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art

Rules for submission of Art:

  • Art should be reflective of the Electric City Pittie Committee's stance on "Making Tracks Eliminating Breed Discrimination"
  • Art does not have to be of Pitties specifically, but we do prefer it if it does. All donations are greatly appreciated, however.
  • All art depicting dogs must depict dogs in a positive manner. For example, no dog fighting, no growling, teeth baring or aggressive depictions. No fighting pariphenalia ie: Treadmills, break sticks, spiked collars and harnesses.
  • Art can be any medium: Jewelry, sculpture, watercolor, pencil sketch, paint, canvas, metal... your creativity is your only limit.
  • All art must be submitted ready to show. for example, paper/linen paintings, photography or sketches should be framed, matted or in a sturdy backed plastic sleeve.
  • The submission form must be filled out for each artist. if you have more than 4 items to donate or reserve please attach additional sheets as necessary.
  • Please note the April 15th deadline. if you find yourself unable to make that date, please contact us, we will work with you as time permits.

Rules for Auction Participants (Bidders)

  • All bidders must be present to win or have a representative present on your behalf.
  • Phone bidding is acceptable as long as there is a person present who is able to represent the winner.
  • All winning items must be redeemed (purchased) at the close of the auction
  • If available, the ECPC will attempt to have a few representatives available for online bidding. same rules will apply. Paypal is accepted.
  • Bidding will be opened at the specified time with an announcement from a committee member. any bids placed prior to that announcement will not be considered.
  • Bidding will be closed at the specified time with an announcement from a committee member. Any bids placed after that time will not be considered.
  • All winning bids must be paid for at the time of closing and the artwork will leave with the winning bidder or their representative. (If online bidding is available shipping costs will be the responsibility of the winning bidder or local pick up will need to be arranged.)
  • Submission forms are available on our website:

Watch the website and Facebook page for additional information regarding the auction, times, featured artists and updates!