My name is Ashley Wilkinson.  I grew up in Great Falls and have been dog lover my entire life.  I began to learn about the negative stereotypes regarding pit bulls during an animal law class in law school.  It was then I began to develop a love for pits.  I adopted my first pit bull, Moxie, the summer of 2013.  Immediately I began to notice the discrimination that she and I received.  Mothers would grab and whisk their children away as they tried to pet Moxie.  I was constantly told that I didn't "look like the type of person" that would have a pit bull.  I would then engage in a candid discussion  about how I was the majority of pit bull owners.  After getting to know Moxie, others would say, "Wow, she doesn't act like a pit bull."  I would then inform them that she acts exactly like a pit bull.  A snuggly, wiggle butt, pit bull.  
I began purposely taking Moxie everywhere I went.  I wanted to show the public what a real pit bull was like.  Not the pit bulls that they read about in the media.  
After I adopted Moxie, I met Erin Scott.  She told me about the Electric City Pittie Committee, an education and advocacy group that she had started.  I was sold.  I joined the Pittie Committee and haven't looked back.
Ignorance has killed millions of these wonderful dogs.  They are discriminated against not because of their individual temperament but because of the way they look.  I have a passion to change public perception about these dogs and with the help of the Electric City Pittie Committee we are making tracks in breed discrimination!  



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