Hello Folks!

My name is Rikki. I was born and raised in Sandy, Utah but moved here to Great Falls about 4 years ago with my special needs Great Dane, Ziggy, to be closer to my parents and go to school, I soon met a man in the United States Air Force that shared my love of animals and we got married.   I've been working in veterinary medicine for about 8 years now but my love for animals is deeply rooted since childhood where I grew up with horses, dogs, cats, birds, pet rats, et cetera. I've always been an animal advocate and dog lover but I never truly had a "pit bull" experience til working at an animal hospital here in town when an injured pit bull came in for treatment and recovery. I was a bit guarded as all I knew about these dogs was sadly, what the media had provided me. I sat on the ground in the yard of the clinic while this beautiful dog did her business then came to sit next to me, inching her way nearer to my side, she could sense I was more afraid of her than she of me. Soon this sweet beast sat in front of me nudging my hands, licking them tenderly, next thing I knew I was kissing her poor, scarred face from one cheek, under her chin and around to the other cheek. Her gentle demeanor, silly, overly affectionate, lap dog ways reminded me of my Dane's personality so much that I was hooked. A light bulb moment went on in my head and my heart, I thought, "people NEED to know how wonderful these dogs are, something needs to be done!" I joined the Electric City Pittie Committee to help do just that.  I'm now the proud dog mom of the same Dane and two sweet-as-sugar pit bulls named Bodhi and Phish. Though challenging at times, I'm completely passionate about educating the wary about the true nature of these dogs. I hope that my experience can shed new light on these dogs to give them a real chance at being accepted members of society!  Education truly is the key!