Meet Our Board​

My name is Stacy. I grew up in South Dakota and moved to Great Falls at Christmas of 2004 not knowing a single soul other than the 2 dogs I brought with me. I’ve always been an animal lover, growing up with horses, dogs, cats, a parakeet, fish, hamsters, etc. But dogs are where my heart will always be; big dogs in particular. I’ve had a menagerie over the years; all rescue and all but one mutts. It’s their personality I love, not necessarily any particular breed I look for.  

While I don’t have the dog-related profession of many of the ECPC board or followers, (I’m a quirky environmental engineer) I wholeheartedly believe in the mission of the group. I got involved with the PIttie Committee before I ever had a pitbull in my life, but admittedly ECPC is the reason I have one now. You see, in providing education and advocacy about these lovable squishy pups, you can’t help but eventually come across one you can’t live without, if you haven’ already. This group sets out to prove that all dogs are individuals, and it’s we humans that need to respect each of their personal traits, to appropriately read their body languages, and to interact in a positive way for them and for us. And most importantly to teach our children that it all begins at home. I have learned so much and benefited beyond words because of the love and commitment this group has to the bully breeds, actually to all dogs. But the bully breeds are the ones that need us most, to overcome the unfair bias and to reverse the alarming incidence of homelessness, neglect, and abuse. They are sweet, goofy, reliable, loyal and deserving of the respect afforded any breed.